I’m a mexican composer and improviser in search to expand his musical horizons and to learn as much as possible about the music that lies “out there”.

A university musician until about 6 months ago, and unsatisfied with the possibilites offered by my program, I decided to quit and travel the world in search for the knowledge and experiences that can only be found outside of libraries and classrooms. What I am looking for, is a custom education made up of many heterogeneous experiences with as many different musicians as I can possibly meet. I believe that a big part of that education can be preserved and shared among other people with similar interests and that is why I have created this site.


Experinautas is a blog on experimental music in all of its variations. A place for experimental musicians and curators in experimental scenes to learn and share.  Through interviews, reflections, recordings and other means, it is dedicated to documenting and sharing the collective knowledge and art of experimental artists and scenes.

The principal objectives of Experinautas are:

  • Discovering new music and new works of arts
  • Learning from the creators themselves, their ways of working and their views of life
  • Learning how different artistic scenes function
  • Sharing the excitement of risk, discovery and new ideas
  • Elaborating a cartography of experimental creation throughout the world

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